Tuesday, 12 November 2013

08:20 – They’ve called off the blizzard. Until yesterday, the forecasters were saying that we’d have flurries today. Now, they’re saying it’ll just be a 50% chance of rain with a high today around 50F (10C) and low tonight of 21F (-6C). Oh, yeah. And winds at 16 MPH (26 KPH). A good day/night to stay inside.

I just checked our kit sales by type for the year to date. About 38% of the kits we sell are life science or biology, 50% chemistry, and 12% forensic science. That gives me an idea of what to build for inventory. If we want 125 kits in stock going into December, we’ll need about four dozen biology/life science kits, five+ dozen chemistry kits, and a dozen+ forensic science kits.

09:39 – Here’s a very interesting kickstarter project: Heirloom Chemistry Set They won’t be shipping until March of next year, but this would be an ideal gift for a teenager (or spouse) who’s interested in science.