Sunday, 17 November 2013

14:41 – We did the usual Sunday morning stuff and then headed over to Costco to buy a flat-screen TV for Barbara’s mom. We stopped on the way home to get the TV installed and set up. Barbara’s mom seems happy with it.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 17 November 2013”

  1. Pretty strong windstorms ripped through here a few hours ago. No one seriously injured, but building collapses in and around Indy, cars and trucks overturned, and a lot of power out—including me for a couple of hours.

    Quite warm at 70°F/21°C. High wind continues through the night, then sunny and colder tomorrow.

  2. Mrs. OFD’s flight to Denver yesterday via Chicago was cancelled; they apparently had tornado activity in the region, so she got an extra night to spend here and a chance to wind down, if only momentarily, and try to shake off the latest bug she caught from the last round of plane travel. Just dropped her off this morning, and it will probably be a bumpy ride anyway; we’re having the usual 50-60 MPH wind gusts off the lake with rolling whitecaps and surf. High 50s here but ‘sposed to drop quite a bit tonight and rest of week, with chill factuh down in the teens.

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