10:48 – The phone rang at 0215 this morning. Barbara’s mom had pushed her Lifeline button to summon the EMT’s. She was having chest pains and difficulty breathing. So they hauled her down to the hospital, where they checked her over and eventually sent her home. Barbara and Frances met at the hospital and waited to find out what was going on. From what Barbara told me, it sounds like it was just a panic attack, but as the doctor told Barbara, at her mom’s age one can never be sure. Frances took their mom home, and Barbara got home about 0655. Barbara slept for a while and then headed out to do errands. She’s downstairs now, defrosting the big freezer and filling baggies with sand for the earth science kit.

I ordered Barbara’s birthday present from Amazon yesterday. She doesn’t want to know what it is. I just gave her a hint. They’ll deliver it on a large truck.