Day: September 24, 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

08:06 – I just shipped the last biology kit we had in stock. Fortunately, I finished building more biology kit subassembies yesterday, so I’ll get another batch of the biology kits assembled today. We’re also getting low on chemistry kits and forensic kits again, so I’ll get started on more of those.

14:09 – Hmmm. As I was assembling a biology kit, the phone rang. It was someone from Microsoft, although he had a very thick foreign accent. He told me that their monitoring had detected that my Windows computer was infected with a horrible virus. Not to worry though. He was going to direct me to a website where I could download and install a scanning utility that would find and remove the virus. I wish I’d had time to screw with him a little, but I’m too busy. So I just told him that I had no interest in installing his hostage-ware and that it wouldn’t run under Linux anyway.

I’ve actually thought about starting to answer the phone, “Federal Trade Commission, Telephone Fraud Investigation Division, extension 2549, Thompson speaking, how may I help you?” I’ll bet I’d get a lot of hang-ups. In fact, I’ll bet I wouldn’t make it all the way through my greeting on many of the phone calls I get.

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