Day: September 21, 2013

Saturday, 21 September 2013

07:16 – Barbara gets back today. Colin will be delighted when she walks in the door. So will I.

11:50 – Ruh-roh. It looks like I’ve come to the feds’ attention.

I got a forensic kit order this morning. When I ship kits, I send email that provides supplemental information and asks purchasers where they heard about the kits. So, here’s the response I just got…

[…] I actually ordered the kits for my senior level high school forensic science class. I attended a forensic conference in California where an ATF agent did a power point presentation on drug analysis. He used one of the drug labs in your book to analyze over-the-counter drugs. I already purchased your book last year. There are a lot of great labs in the book that can be done in the classroom. I teach biology also and will be ordering the biology book at the end of this year.[…]

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