Day: September 27, 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013

11:13 – Barbara had a scare last night. At 1958, the phone rang. It was Barbara’s mom, who was apparently confused and feeling faint or dizzy. Barbara told her to pull her alert cord and sit down to wait for help. Her mom apparently hung up on her. Barbara ran back to get her cell phone to call the managers at Creekside to ask them to go check on her mom, and asked me to call her mom back. Barbara then headed for car to drive over there. I called, Sankie answered, and I told her who I was. I asked if she’d pulled the alert cord and she said she hadn’t. I asked if she was sitting down. She said she was standing, and then apparently dropped the phone. I shouted her name, but there was nothing but dead air. So I hung up. This was at 2003. I was about to call Creekside again when the phone rang. It was one of the managers at Creekside. He said he was with Sankie and said that in his opinion he should call 911. He asked my permission, since 911 charges several hundred dollars if they’re called out and don’t have to transport the patient. I told him that he was there and I wasn’t, so if he thought she needed 911 to call them. A few minutes later, Barbara called on her cell and said she was following an ambulance that she suspected was the one responding to the 911 call for her mom. A while later, Barbara called to say she was with her mom and the 911 responders were checking her. Apparently, they decided she didn’t need to go to the emergency room, so they left. Frances showed up around then, and she and Barbara sat with Sankie to make sure she was okay. Barbara finally made it home about 2230. I really, really hope this was an isolated incident. For a year or more, Barbara and Frances were on 24-hour call for Dutch, having to drop everything and rush over to the apartment or the emergency room. They simply can’t go through that again.

I just finished making up 10 liters of fertilizer part A concentrate, which is sufficient for 1,000 liters of working-strength solution, or 80 biology kits worth. I have 75 bottles already labeled, so I’ll probably fill those today, along with a few hundred other chemical bottles.

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