Day: September 18, 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

09:47 – Barbara’s been gone 96 hours. We miss her. I told Colin this morning that she’d be back in only three more days. That seemed to satisfy him.

The plastic bottles we order in bulk come in cases of 1,100 to 1,650, depending on the size of the bottle. They’re packaged loose-filled in large cardboard boxes with a large plastic bag inside to protect the bottles from dirt. The 30 mL glass bottles are different. They come in “cases” of 168 bottles, which are shrink-wrapped. I hate that packaging, because as soon as I cut the shrink wrap I end up with a loose pile of breakable bottles. I wish they’d package them in cardboard boxes with cardboard dividers to protect the individual bottles.

Katie sent me these two images yesterday, taken in Fort Collins, Colorado where she lives and works.

Hi Bob,

Here are a couple flood pictures (before and after). The first one was taken Friday and the second one was just a few minutes ago.

These were taken right by our work on the path we take our daily walks!

Thought I would share since we were talking about it yesterday.

Katie Dugan


Flood After

11:57 – Those who follow RCC superstitions should be aware that contact with “holy” water can be hazardous to their health: Holy water in Austria is contaminated, unsafe to drink, researchers say

Although the researchers limited themselves to churches and other religious sites in Austria, it seems likely that the problem is universal. Many people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, so the bacteria and viruses on their hands–including potentially deadly coliforms and other pathogens–are transferred to the ‘holy” water. So, the next time you think about touching “holy” water, you might want to think again. Either that, or boil or otherwise sterilize the stuff before you handle it.

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