Day: September 5, 2013

Thursday, 5 September 2013

08:37 – One of the rewards of doing what we do is getting emails like this one.

I just had to write to you right away and say that I am so glad to have found The Home Scientist! I am a homeschool parent, and have been looking for a lab component for my daughter’s chemistry studies next year. I love your book Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, but I was slightly intimidated by the job of choosing labs and especially procuring all the supplies. I just don’t have that much time to give to one of many subjects. So when another homeschooler on a homeschool forum I’m part of mentioned your ck-01, I checked into it and am thrilled.

In our “about us” section you write: “There is a crying need for affordable, rigorous, secular hands-on science lab curricula and science kits for homeschoolers.” This is exactly right on. The lack of such curricula is a continual source of frustration for homeschool parents who may or may not be religious, but who understand that evolution and an old universe that runs according to scientific principles are simply matters of scientific knowledge, not theories up for debate. And who don’t want scripture quotes at the beginning of a chapter on covalent bonding or dichotomous keys. And who don’t have an unlimited budget. And who want real, meaty labs rather than glitzy gee-whiz demonstrations that always seem to either bubble or turn colors.

You should know that you are getting a good reputation, at least among people on the large homeschool forum I use. People talk about how your labs actually work most of the time, about your quick turnaround time on orders, about your communicativeness when they have questions.

I was so pleased when I saw that your lab manual was all there on the internet for me to peruse at length. It felt like you were saying, “We have nothing to hide. Go ahead. Take a good, long look. We think you’ll like it and then you’ll want to buy our product to go with it.” Well, I did, and I do. Hence the order I just placed.

I am glad to read in your “about us” section that you are continuing to write for homeschoolers. I think–I hope–you may find a very grateful market. We’ll keep our eyes on your web site.

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