Day: September 29, 2013

Sunday, 29 September 2013

09:36 – Barbara is ironing and cleaning house this morning. I’m filling bottles. The 5 mg of prednisone that Barbara gave Colin yesterday pretty much stopped the itching. She gave him another 5 mg this morning, which we hope will clear things up for good. No more after today, or possibly tomorrow. It does make Colin pee buckets, though. Last time out last night, he stood there for literally two minutes peeing on a bush.

I’m trying to get back up to reasonable inventory levels on all of the science kits. We’re past the big start-of-semester rush, so at a guess we’ll sell 40 or 50 kits/month through December, but it could be 60 or 70. Most of the chemicals we include in the kits are stable, so there’s no downside to having a bunch in stock. For example, there’s no detectable difference between a bottle of 6 M sodium hydroxide solution that’s five years old and one that’s five minutes old. Since labeling and filling bottles is the most time-consuming part of building kits, that lets us get a jump on things.

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