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08:02 – Barbara and I have been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix streaming. We’re through the first 22-episode series and have started on the second. There are 187 episodes total. I suppose most would classify it as a teen drama, but like most similar series the adult cast plays a very important role. In that respect, it’s reminiscent of Everwood.

The high school girls spend a lot of time agonizing over their physical appearance, all of which is unnecessary. I’ve been telling girls and women a deep, dark guy secret since I was in high school myself, but it bears frequent repeating: young women are attractive and smell good to guys, literally, for the same reason that flowers are attractive and smell good to bees. It’s all about pollination. Nature makes young women attractive so that they can attract young men. But young men almost without exception do not judge young women by how attractive they are. Attractive is attractive. If a young woman is attractive enough to draw young men to her–and the vast majority of young women are unless they intentionally try to be unattractive to young men–that’s sufficient. Once her looks draw a young man close enough to her to strike up a conversation, their job is done. What matters then is the rest of the elements that make a young woman attractive to a guy, which is everything from her personality to her voice to her scent. It’s all about biology, and people are as biologically programmed as dogs or bees or warthogs.

Nearly all young women believe, wrongly, that the size of their boobs is important. It’s not. Boobs are a checklist item for guys. Boobs comma two? Check. It must be a gurl. Boobs are just part of the whole package, physical and otherwise. A guy doesn’t not hit on a girl he otherwise finds attractive merely because her boobs aren’t big enough. Sure, guys will stare at a woman with huge boobs, but it’s not because they want them for themselves. It’s more like staring in amazement at the Grand Canyon. And, as we all know, guys never take the Grand Canyon home to meet their parents.

Speaking of attractive young women, I thought Amber Marshall from Heartland had gotten married some months ago. I was mistaken. She got married on 27 July. She rode in on a horse, literally.


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  1. brad says:

    Well, there is some importance; guys do have preferences: tall or short, blond or brunette, big breasts or small breasts , slender or curvy, etc.. Any individual item is negotiable; a specific woman will be attractive to a specific guy if she matches up with most of his preferences. Presumably the reverse is true as well.

    Many guys (myself included) find large breasts to be unattractive. Even for those who get a kick out of them, as you say, many will not be taking the Grand Canyon home to meet the folks.

  2. Rolf Grunsky says:

    A nice rack (substitute your preferred attribute here) will get my attention. It will not be sufficient to keep my attention. On the other hand, intelligence and wit will always keep me interested.

  3. JLP says:

    I have told numerous women over the years that large breast will turn a man’s head but not keep his interest. Surprisingly, many, if not most, of the women don’t believe me. Different perspective I guess.

  4. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Yep. Women’s physical attributes and pheromones evolved to attract men, just as flowers evolved to attract bees, and for the same reason. That’s why the sexual attractiveness of women peaks in the age range of about 18 to 28. Younger or older than that, and they’re not as fertile. It’s also no accident that women who are ovulating are more attractive to men than women who are not.

    Women also subconsciously judge men based on characteristics that represent the man’s likely suitability as father material, at least genetically. There is considerable evidence that this goes down even to the allele level.

    It’s all about biology and genetic programming, and it’s all about making more humans.

  5. Miles_Teg says:

    brad wrote:

    “Well, there is some importance; guys do have preferences: tall or short, blond or brunette, big breasts or small breasts , slender or curvy, etc.. Any individual item is negotiable; a specific woman will be attractive to a specific guy if she matches up with most of his preferences. ”


    In Year 11 I developed a crush on a girl in my class. Very tall, skinny as can be (she had legs like toothpicks, and a chest like an ironing board). The next girl I really liked was short with an average to slightly above average rack. So I went from liking a tall, skinny brunette to a short plump blonde.

    I think women with big boobs almost always look better with their clothes on.

  6. Miles_Teg says:

    “It’s also no accident that women who are ovulating are more attractive to men than women who are not.”

    I think human females are the only primates that have concealed ovulation. I know the theory behind concealed ovulation but not how it fits in with pheromones.

  7. Miles_Teg says:

    When I played basketball 30 years ago it always amused me to watch the women playing. It was the average sized girls that got the most attention from me. I also watched some of the “big” ones, but it was more from amusement, thinking how uncomfortable those huge udders must be when running. Of course, the ladies had to have a different goal shooting action because those norks got in the way. Sometimes if I watched a big boobed woman running for too long I started to feel sea sick… 🙂

  8. Lynn McGuire says:

    Does anyone here recommend a B size, A3 size, 13×19 inch printer? I would prefer to have a color laser but those are prohibitively expensive. So I have been looking at an inkjet, the Canon Pro 100. Even the paper is expensive!

  9. brad says:

    Sadly, no. I also wanted an A3 color laser the last time we bought a printer, but apparently they just don’t make enough of them – the prices are nutty.

    I’ve given up on ink jets, though. If you do any sort of high-volume, they are too expensive. If you save them for the special things, and those don’t occur regularly, they lose print quality, presumably because of ink drying in the nozzles.

  10. Lynn McGuire says:

    I always manage to get water on the inkjet plots and smear ink everywhere. It does rain around here, reputedly and occasionally. But I love the big prints for hand drawing on them.

  11. MrAtoz says:

    Here’s Charlie Rangel helping race relations. He probably never met a Tea Party member, but calls them white crackers:

  12. pcb_duffer says:

    Some years ago, a golf announcer named Ben Wright got into quite a bit of trouble, and ultimately was fired, for mentioning that women who are more well endowed often have a difficult time playing golf. A number of women pros game to his defense, saying “Well, yeah.” Some of the more thoughtful women pros said that most of them had taken up golf as young girls, and that their swings evolved as their bodies changed, and that was a distinct advantage over women who learned to play golf as an adult.

  13. SVJeff says:

    RBT, I have no idea if you find any amusement or enjoyment from trivia-type things, but I saw the following and, understandably, I think, thought of you:

  14. brad says:

    Race and racism…I read an article by a columnist in the Washington Post, where this came up as a side issue. Someone was moving out of D.C. “to get away from the black Mecca”. The columnist found this offensively racist, but I wonder: was it? Large parts of urban D.C. are a dangerous and unpleasant; they are largely populated by blacks. The two, danger and blacks, do not have to go together, but in the case of D.C. (as in so many inner cities) the fact is that they do go together. So…was the remark offensively racist, or simply factual?

  15. Miles_Teg says:

    I felt completely safe in DC in 2003 but I didn’t go to the SE corner, which is the run down area.

    If I’d been the “racist” writer I would have said I was getting away from the crime, and not attributed it to any “race”.

  16. Lynn McGuire says:

    I felt comfortable and safe in DC in 2011. But we stayed in Georgetown and in the mall. Walked my legs off.

  17. Miles_Teg says:

    I spent a lot of time in the Mall, mainly in the Smithsonians. Also walked around the Capitol, White House, and up to the (took the Metro) Zoo (several times) and National Cathedral then past the British Embassy.

  18. Tony says:

    I agree with you 100% about Amber Marshall Robert. I also wondered how well Shawn fits Amber’s lifestyle. There’s been almost no information released on him but it wasn’t hard for me to find some more. I know he is a steer wrestler and team roper. His mother is Barb Millar from Orangeville married to Ross Millar. They have a long history there with the rodeo circuit. They and Shawn have been event organizers for years.
    He won some championships and had a prior girlfriend, Stephane Layzae. I could never find if Amber had a previous boyfriend that could be read about. With all that history I could only find one picture of him pulling down a steer at about age 21 and another couple of him winning an award at about age 16 and 19 I think. Amber made the statement when she finally announced her engagement that she kept his identity a secret to honor his privacy. But he has been seen traveling with her for about 2-3 years. Being her photographer also puts him right in the middle of her attention from the public. I don’t know, but so far he just doesn’t seem to fit her lifestyle. I don’t know enough to comment on their personality match. My perception so far is that she can run circles around him. And he better not have a jealous bone in him because she has the attention of probably a million males around the world and plenty of them near home. So he has to be willing to share her with many other people. I liked your comments. You and I are thinking alike about it.


  19. Miles_Teg says:

    Well, she’s a hell of a lot better looking than him…

  20. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    From what I know of Amber Marshall, she seems to be a very grounded young woman. I suspect she chose well.

  21. Tony says:

    Yes she is. I saw a blog yesterday where someone asked if he ever got jealous seeing Amber and Graham kissing and hugging on set. She said he handles it very well. And in the interview where the question came up the first time, she said he better because it’s part of her job. From reading the whole blog I just get the impression that that subject isn’t settled and done.

    Now I wonder if Amber and Shawn generate as much chemistry between them as do Amy and Ty.

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