Day: August 28, 2013

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

12:06 – We shipped more chemistry kits this morning, so we’re now down into single figures on CK01A inventory. Fortunately, we also just shipped the remainder of the virtual school AP chemistry kits, so that frees up my time to get more chemistry kits built.

It’s looking pretty certain that we’re about to attack Syria, again putting our troops in harm’s way for no discernible purpose or benefit. So I’ve come up with a modest proposal: put the names in a hat of every politician from Obama on down who supports deploying our troops abroad. Each time one of our troops is maimed, draw a name from that hat and maim that politician. Each time one of our troops is killed, draw a name and kill that politician. It’s only fair. If they support putting our troops in harm’s way, they should have to take the same risks. If my proposal is implemented, I predict that US forces will soon no longer be deployed abroad. In fact, I predict they’ll leave skid marks as they depart for home.

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