Day: August 2, 2013

Friday, 2 August 2013

08:02 – Barbara and I have been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix streaming. We’re through the first 22-episode series and have started on the second. There are 187 episodes total. I suppose most would classify it as a teen drama, but like most similar series the adult cast plays a very important role. In that respect, it’s reminiscent of Everwood.

The high school girls spend a lot of time agonizing over their physical appearance, all of which is unnecessary. I’ve been telling girls and women a deep, dark guy secret since I was in high school myself, but it bears frequent repeating: young women are attractive and smell good to guys, literally, for the same reason that flowers are attractive and smell good to bees. It’s all about pollination. Nature makes young women attractive so that they can attract young men. But young men almost without exception do not judge young women by how attractive they are. Attractive is attractive. If a young woman is attractive enough to draw young men to her–and the vast majority of young women are unless they intentionally try to be unattractive to young men–that’s sufficient. Once her looks draw a young man close enough to her to strike up a conversation, their job is done. What matters then is the rest of the elements that make a young woman attractive to a guy, which is everything from her personality to her voice to her scent. It’s all about biology, and people are as biologically programmed as dogs or bees or warthogs.

Nearly all young women believe, wrongly, that the size of their boobs is important. It’s not. Boobs are a checklist item for guys. Boobs comma two? Check. It must be a gurl. Boobs are just part of the whole package, physical and otherwise. A guy doesn’t not hit on a girl he otherwise finds attractive merely because her boobs aren’t big enough. Sure, guys will stare at a woman with huge boobs, but it’s not because they want them for themselves. It’s more like staring in amazement at the Grand Canyon. And, as we all know, guys never take the Grand Canyon home to meet their parents.

Speaking of attractive young women, I thought Amber Marshall from Heartland had gotten married some months ago. I was mistaken. She got married on 27 July. She rode in on a horse, literally.


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