Day: August 6, 2013

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

08:02 – As expected for this time of year, we’re running just-in-time on kits. We get a batch of one type built just as we’re running out of another type. At times, including today, we’ll ship kits that we just finished building that day or the previous day. Our current run rate is two or three kits a day–60 to 90 kits a month–and increasing, which is reasonably good for early August. Now I need to go build more kits.

13:17 – Call me sexist. I don’t care. It’s bad enough when one of our young men is killed in action in the Middle East. When it’s one of our young women KIA, it’s an entirely different level of bad. And when that young woman is the mother of two small children, it’s simply indescribably bad. Caryn E. Nouv, age 29. What kind of society puts its young mothers on the sharp end?

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