Day: August 16, 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

14:36 – I’m still building and shipping science kits. Today marks the start of our busiest 30-day period of the year, from mid-August to mid-September. We’re still in pretty good shape on kits, both in terms of finished-goods inventory and the subassemblies needed to build more kits on-the-fly. Unless something completely unexpected happens we should be able to avoid back-ordering kits.

People who see something I’ve printed may think I’m a tweenage girl. I use blue, black, red, green, and brown Sharpies for routine stuff. One of them died this morning and I was looking for a replacement. I thought about ordering a dozen in mixed colors, but that’d be gratuitous. I have a gross of them sitting on the foyer table that UPS delivered yesterday and a bunch more in an inventory bin downstairs. The only problem is, they’re purple. We use purple Sharpies in the chemistry kits because the purple ink works well for paper chromatography. So I decided to ignore my preference for non-purple colors and just grabbed one of them from stock. I’m practicing dotting my i’s with little hearts.

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