Day: August 8, 2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

08:56 – I’m building chemistry kits today. As of this morning, our inventory of the CK01A kits is minus one. We’re also down to only six of the CK01B kits. We’re currently shipping a dozen or more CK01A kits a week and only three or four of the CK01B kits, so the priority today is to get some CK01A kits built. We’re also down to a couple dozen of the BK01 biology kits in stock, so Barbara’s priority this weekend will be working on those. Then I need to get back to building subassemblies for another batch of 60 of the CK01A kits.

09:39 – Towards a radical new theory of Anglo-American slavery, and vindication of free markets

There’s actually nothing radical or new about it, it’s not a theory, and most of my readers are probably already familiar with the essential points, but it’s still worth reading. The left has always tried to make classical liberals (nowadays called libertarians) the bad guys, just as they try to make the American Civil War about slavery. If you read Locke or Jefferson or any of the other 17th and 18th century libertarians, you’ll find that they universally abhorred slavery. If you’d asked a hundred Union soldiers what they were fighting for, at least 99 of them would have said “to preserve the Union”. If you’d asked if they weren’t really fighting to free the slaves, they’d have looked at you funny. Same thing on the other side. At least 99% of Confederate troops would have told you that they were fighting to protect States’ Rights. If you’d asked if they weren’t really fighting to keep their slaves, they’d have looked at you funny, because almost none of them owned even one slave.

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