Day: September 20, 2023

Wed. Sept. 20, 2023 – no poking prodding or imaging today…

Cool and damp, warming later, low to mid 90s by afternoon. Hot in the sun, but cool in the shade. For values of cool, like 84F…

Did my doctors’ appointments yesterday. With one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I didn’t get much else done. Still using my NVR linux box to do all my daily computing since I can’t get my normal daily driver to boot. Hopefully I can sort that out later today.

One of my pickups is a PC that looks like about a 90-100% match for my daily driver. It’s local and I should have it by noon. With any luck I can just swap in my drives and be back in business. Since I don’t know if my issue is MB related or PSU related, that seems like the fastest and safest choice, if win7 will register on new (to me) hardware. I won some other stuff in the same auction (a going out of business auction) that should be handy too, mostly cleaners, paint, bug poison, and hardware. That stuff really adds up when you buy it separately.

After dealing with that, I need to load up and do another auction drop off. That should get one small storage unit to the half way clean point. Progress. Baby steps. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull some from another unit too.

Then I need to figure out how to disassemble and move a pool table. Wife wanted one for the BOL, and I got one… I’m supposed to pick it up on Thursday, but my normal helper buddy isn’t available. I’ll be scratching my head pretty hard today, trying to come up with help.

My imaging yesterday was normal. Barium, it’s what’s for breakfast! Yeah, not horrible, but not tasty either. Meeting with the GI specialist has me scheduled for a much more invasive procedure, in fact one from each end. All y’all were on my case to get that done, and now I will. Next month. But the looksee, snatch and grab fest is scheduled. Getting older isn’t for the weak. I realized that after a 3 year break without seeing doctors, all my new docs are younger than me. Kinda mind F-d me when I realized that. So far I like them all. My primary care doc called me yesterday to review the stuff he’s received from the specialists and the imaging. Never had a doctor initiate anything like that before. Kinda liked it. There was one thing in the CT scan that he wants a more detailed look at, so I’ll be making another appointment later today with yet another guy.

Keeping in mind that everything so far has been negative for issues, and that I’m mostly working a grab bag of things I’ve been putting off for years, it’s worth doing and getting a clean report- especially as things around us fall apart. It’ll be a reassurance to know that the corpus isn’t likely to become a corpse through something I neglected or overlooked. It’s a prep.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of a great friend and mentor of mine. He went in with a complaint of swollen and sore belly, left with 6 weeks to live and a diagnosis of stomach cancer. He made it about 5 weeks. It’s been about two decades and I still miss him. RIP Butch.

Stack up the material goods,but don’t neglect the intangible. You’ll need to be health, and strong in mind body and spirit.


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