Day: September 5, 2023

Tues. Sept. 5, 2023 – once more unto your breeches my friends…

Hot and damp. The joy of living in the swamp. Bayou City, FTW! There was some rain here in Houston yesterday but I missed it. Don’t know how much, but although it looked like a lot in the aftermath, it couldn’t have been that much or the fish pond/water feature would have overflowed. Today should continue the trend of hot and humid for a while yet.

I spent yesterday laboring, albeit slowly and at low priority tasks- mostly the stuff I didn’t do upon arrival, like unloading the truck, but also double checking the irrigation sprinklers (found one zone not programmed correctly) and had to re-aim a couple. Also I added another sprinkler to cover the septic drip field. It doesn’t get enough use when we aren’t there to keep the grass alive in this drought. The grass is part of the system design as it pulls moisture out of the soil and lets it be evaporated. Buried drip systems don’t let the water percolate down, they allow it to be transported up and evaporated. So my system really needs healthy grass on top of the field to work.

Then I packed up, closed up, and headed home.

Home sweet home. Where I won’t be most of today. I’m supposed to meet an appliance repair guy at my rent house but I don’t know when. 8 hour window. Gah. I don’t intend to sit around there waiting, and he’s supposed to call me in advance with enough time for me to get there an meet him. We’ll see if that works out.

I started the audiobook of the third Harry Dresden novel on my way home, and I’m enjoying it as much as the first two. I’ve read them, more than once, but it’s a different experience hearing them. It’s been a long time, and I have forgotten a lot. It’s interesting to see the seeds that are planted in the early books, knowing where the story arc heads (not where it ends up, as the last three books aren’t out yet.) I also have been reading the Murderbot stories. They are available on Kindle Unlimited, so I’ve been tearing through them. I like them a lot.

Anyway, IDK how today will shape up, or what will get done, but I’m trying to keep moving forward. Getting the rental back to earning for us is definitely a prep. I think we have a new tenant, possibly moving in on the 15th. That would be only a 6 week loss of rental income, which would be nice.

If I get done there, I’ve got plenty to do here, and the chance to take another load to the auctioneer if I can get one together.

So I’ll be jumping today. Find some time to stack!


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