Day: September 29, 2023

Fri. Sept. 29, 2023 – finally Friday, or OMG!! week is gone!11!!!1 you decide!

Cooler definitely. But still getting brain broiling hot in the afternoon sun. Truck is so hot I burned myself on it. Not just “Ouch, that’s hot” but actual burned skin. It’s cooler than a month ago though. Fall is here. Or at least we can see it from here.

Spent yesterday on auction stuff. Did a pickup, and ran by my auctioneer to see if I can bring stuff next week (yes, probably.) Prices were low for yesterday’s auction though. Since it was hot, I didn’t get up on the roof and do my lumberjack thing. I’ll do it today though, pretty much running out of time.

Then I’ve got some domestic bliss to take care of, followed by some meatspace activities. D1 has a home game that I’d like to see. And later, a bunch of the dads are getting together to pre-grill burgers for Saturday’s concession stand in support of the Debate team. Sounds like a social event more than anything. Several of the dads from school and swim team are involved so I’ll have someone to talk to. I’ll meet some other people too, and who knows what could follow that? Networking, and getting to know your community. Both important preps.

Take advantage of whatever opportunities you have to leverage existing relationships or groups into meeting some more people. That is going to make all the difference in the world later. ‘No man’s an island’ is going to take on even more meaning if things go pear shaped. IDK what your need will be or what sort of group you’ll find yourself in. Maybe you’ll be at the Green Dragon. Maybe you’ll be a Committee. Maybe you’ll be a direct action cell. Or maybe you’ll just swap recipes and cleaning tips (for handloads and firearms, natch, what did you think?) Knowing people and being known will help.

And stacks of course, they’ll help too.


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