Day: September 1, 2023

Fri. Sept. 1, 2023 – 2/3 of the way through the year, already. Oh my.

Slightly less hot, but no less humid. And sunny. Days of summer still left, no matter what the calendar says. It was certainly hot in the afternoon yesterday, even if it did start out with the barest edge of ‘cool’ in the breeze while waiting for the school bus. National forecast has Houston in the clear, with no precip, for at least the next few days.

I sat at my desk pretty much all day. I did auction stuff, and medical stuff. The visit to my new GP resulted in a sheaf of recommended consults with specialists. I started booking them. Every one has a different online portal. Every one needs the same history entered. No one has access to any of my existing medical records, unless I can get them and have them transferred. And at that, they will probably be printouts.

The promise of electronic medical records and of course HIPAA (which has the word “portability” in the title) is an empty one. Since I’m convinced that you get the opposite of what a law is named, I’m not surprised, but I am frustrated and even saddened that it’s all come to this. We stopped being able to get things done, and to deal fairly and squarely with people as a society some time ago. Those of us that still remember the ‘before time’ are cursed by knowing what we could do, and what we’ve lost. *

I did get the initial meetings all scheduled. Since most of the specialist treatment will involve testing, I’m sure there will be a second round for the actual tests, and then a third round for communicating the results. It’s a fricking part time job worth of stuff to do.

Today I’ll be doing more paperwork for taxes. Maybe I’ll get some cleaning and organizing done too. I intend to head for the BOL at some point today. Wife and kids to follow later. The timing will depend entirely on what I get done, and what still needs doing.

Hopefully I’ll have some room in the truck for more food and supplies to shift from here to there. Gotta keep stacking.

These kids aren’t gonna feed themselves, and they do eat. Lots. Not as much as teen boys, but still………

Times are gonna get tougher. So suck it up, and stack it up.


*anyone else notice the correlation with the anti-smoking campaigns and the decline in our ability to get things done as a nation? Weaning most of the population off of a powerful stimulant doesn’t seem to have helped productivity. And consider the Enlightenment… fueled by the new stimulants of coffee,tea, and chocolate, and social activity involving them. Tobacco was in that mix too. Reading the book of poetry “Ballads of a Bohemian” by Robert W. Service, published shortly after WWI, I was struck by how often he refers to his pipe, or to other peoples’ pipe smoking. No cigarettes, even though he was in Paris, but a pipe many times a day. Hmm.

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