Day: September 16, 2023

Sat. Sept. 16, 2023 – gonna get my cat scanned… oh, what do you mean it’s not that kind of…

Just a touch of cool? Then more hot, with a double helping of humid? I hope not but that’s what I’m expecting. We had a nice cool morning yesterday, and then buckets of rain in the afternoon, but only locally. I don’t think my house got wet, but where I was driving was biblical. It didn’t last long, and I don’t think it was enough, but it did get stuff wet.

I did my pickup. Chatted with the auction staff. He volunteered that he’s changing his product mix because “people are out of money and will only be spending on essentials.” That makes him my fourth auctioneer that thinks buyers are out of money. Even my wife thinks that might be true, because she tried to sell D2’s American Girl ™ stuff through the farcebook trading group, and got no takers. Even after dropping the price, no one bought it. One thinks it might be a hangover from ‘back to school’ spending, but that’s a minority view. I have a feeling they’re right, and people are tapped out.

Did my grocery shopping in the evening. Cream was limited to three items. Most other stuff seemed to be in stock. They had pork loin on sale, like Costco did, and some pork ribs. Beef chuck roast was only $3.50/pound so I got the limit for that, and the ribs. I’m ok with the pork loin I already bought. Prices are still way up for other stuff. Canned veg is almost double pre-wuflu prices and pasta hasn’t been onsale this year. Everyone is talking about how expensive food is.


I’ll be spending this morning getting a CT scan of abdomen and guts, with and without contrast. I’ve had that before and it’s pretty unpleasant. Nothing wrong with me so far, but the exams continue.

After that, I’ve got two pickups that are about a third of the way to the BOL, so I’m just going to head up there after my appointment. My buddy says it’s been raining, so the grass probably needs cutting, and there are always other things to do if it’s still raining. Who knows? Might even get a chance to practice fishing.

Stacking some crappie would be nice.

Stack something my friends, while it’s here and you have the means.


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