Day: September 6, 2023

Wed. Sept. 6, 2023 – lots of errands today

Hot and sticky, again. The humidity has been crazy high, and I expect that to continue for a couple more days, just out of the perversity of the universe.

Yesterday I met with the appliance repair guy and got the dishwasher at the rent house fixed. Simple and quick, I could have done the swap myself, but getting the parts wasn’t presented as an option. Relatively simple and pain free process. Ya know, my first instinct is almost never to call for warranty service. My first instinct is to try fixing stuff myself, with a very cynical view of warranty guarantees,but this time it worked. Should work out at the BOL too.

I spent the rest of the day doing auction stuff.

Which is what I’ll be doing today before and after my doctor appointment. I should do a drop off at my auctioneer, and pickups of stuff I won on the other side of town later in the day. FWIW, prices were low again. That is now officially a trend in my view, and doesn’t bode well for the economy or my auction sales. As a buyer I like low prices. As a seller I don’t. As a ‘big picture guy’ I realize I need the auction houses to make money so they can stay in business and continue to provide lower cost items, and there is a balancing act between those elements. Low auction prices on discretionary spending items is a bad sign. It probably means that people are out of money. We’ll see.

Also FWIW, I’m seeing more food items listed by my various auctioneers, and they are selling well. By that I mean there are multiple bidders and the prices went past where I would have been a buyer. This is the case for both the “returns” auctioneers, and some of the estate sellers. My observation is that people are more willing to buy food outside of a store if they can save money than they used to be.

Take the opportunity to stack. Stuff, but also any extra money. There will be opportunities if you have the funds.


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