Day: September 2, 2023

Sat. Sept. 2, 2023 – I’m going to try to keep my Labor Day commie free…

Much cooler at the BOL than in Houston. I’m sure it will still be hot in the afternoon, but it’s very nice in the evening, and got chilly last night.

I got through my errands yesterday and finally got the truck loaded, and my butt in the seat. Made it to the BOL without incident. It’s a DUI “No refusal” weekend in Texas, so there were a lot of cops out and several people pulled over. I just locked the cruise control and drove like normal.

Of course it was dark when I got here so I don’t know for sure what I’m facing today for maintenance, but I’m assuming all the normal things- cut the grass, blow the leaves, then start on the projects. I don’t mind the work and it feels good to look at the completed job and know I did it. Still, there is a lot of work…

There’s plenty at home too, and sometimes there is something extra. I had to clear ice out of one of the freezers before I left home. It was keeping the door cracked open, and everything had defrosted except the roasts. Fortunately I saw the water on the floor and investigated. We didn’t lose much, one bag of pot stickers, and we might lose the bread when it re-freezes. That particular fridge/freezer is mostly convenience foods and they are all vac sealed and pre-cooked so should be fine as they never got warm. We’ll be eating the roasts soon anyway, just to be sure. Could have been bad to come home to it in several days so I’m glad to have caught it. Still, it was a task that wasn’t on the list and pushed everything back.

One thing I don’t recall sharing is my belief that you should have enough empty coolers to move one whole freezer to coolers if you have a problem. I buy them cheap at yard sales, estate sales, and occasionally in the returns auctions. We use them to move food between home and the BOL, we use them for drinks for the kids’ sporting events, and if we have a party. You can use them for “hay box” cooking too in bad or in normal times. It’s a great way to cook corn on the cob, for example.

Coolers are an essential prep. If you don’t already have several, think about stacking a few more. At least keep your eyes open for them. And BTW, all the parts that break are available and fairly cheap, so it’s easy to rehab one if it needs a latch, hinge, or drain plug. I keep parts for Colman and Rubbermaid in stock, and I always buy them if I see them at a sale. I consider cracks in the interior to be a no sale, but you can just seal them with marine sealant, if you are looking for a really cheap one, or you fix and keep one for backup. I also don’t think it’s necessary to buy a yeti or similar. Ordinary Colman, especially the better models, work just fine for a day or two.

Backups for your major systems are a Good Think ™.

Stack ’em up.


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