Day: June 27, 2023

Tues. June 27, 2023 – ‘Real? You think if I could afford a real snake I’d be working in a dump like this?’

Hot. Hoooboyo, it’s hot. Humid too. Mid to high 80s for humidity. And temps to 100F in the shade. Brutal sun. Yesterday, today… likely tomorrow too. It was 86F and 88% RH when I went to bed.

Spent the day like I always do, planning to take over the world… nah, just riding around on machines. I’m getting friction burns where my arms and legs touch the machines. Between the constant jostling and the fine grit sticking to every surface, it’s like being in a rock tumbler.

I updated my progress in yesterday’s comments. I’m going long, as I’m not done and won’t be done today. Or even tomorrow. I am committed to getting everything back together before the Fourth of July weekend, which will be in 3 days. Then I can continue tearing stuff up for the next 4 days.

Hey, maybe the kids will want to operate the machines. I would if I was 12. Heck I’d jump at the chance to try running most machines at my age now. That wouldn’t help my schedule but it would be cool to spend some time on it.

As a side benefit, I’m now confident that I could whip up some earthworks defenses given a skid steer and an excavator. That ain’t nuthin’.

Learn a new skill. Stack up some useful things.


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