Day: June 6, 2023

Tues. June 6, 2023 – RBT’s birthday.

Very humid but somewhat cool, due to yesterday’s rain.   Got a real gully washer at home, and on the way home as I passed under some thunderstorms.  Parts were still dry.  Houston.

I got my networking sorted out.    Dug a trench, laid in some liquidtite conduit, did it right.   Tested everything and my switch has a bad port.    Got permission to order a replacement and keep this as a spare.   It was hot, but not as hot as it could have been.   Even on the roof, it wasn’t blast furnace hot.  Installed a new antenna support pole, and the cell booster antenna.   Took down the DirecTV dish.   I am trying to not go back today unless the gate installer runs into something weird.  Maybe Wednesday.  I’ve got to pull the rest of the DirecTV gear out of the rack and the equipment closet.   I think it can wait a couple days for my stuff to come in.  Makes more sense to do as much as possible at the same visit.

Raced the rain home, but made it in time for the swimmeet.   It was good to see some of the people we used to see all the time.  Kid swam well.  It was very damp, wet even, and my joints will ache tomorrow.  That’s the way it is though.

Today I’ll do some computer work, some house work, and maybe some auction work.

And I will spend some time thinking about Robert Bruce Thompson, re-reading some of his posts, and hearing his ‘mental voice’ in my head.  Check out the keywords to the right.

Stack up the good times when you find them.   It can all change very suddenly.



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