Day: June 1, 2023

Thurs. June 1, 2023 – Summer time is here!

Hot and humid, chance of rain.   So “summer in Houston”.   Bet it’s pretty much the same for the next 2-3 months, gradually getting hotter at 8am until Fall starts again.   It did break the mold a bit today, as some weather blew in and there was a cooler edge to the wind at 5pm.   Some lightning too.  Never got worse than that though.

Did mostly auction stuff yesterday.   Took a while to get caught up.   Did some small things around the house but nowhere near what I should have done.    Did get a message from my neighbors at the BOL.   Sometime after I left a wind storm came through and knocked over most of one of the trees.   It’s in my garden, not the road or the  house, or worse, the neighbor’s house, so it can stay there until I get back up there with a chainsaw.   It’s a pretty big chunk of oak tree, so I’ll get to keep some of the firewood, and maybe my tree guy will have to revise his estimate a little lower, now that I’m cleaning up that particular tree instead of him.  It left a trunk about 15ft high, with a small portion of the rest of the trunk above that, like a sapling growing out of a stump.

I also got a message from the gate guy at  my client’s place.  He does need a hard wired ‘net connection at the gate after all.  I’ll need to finish installing the other nano as a ‘cable replacement’ and put an enclosure and small switch at the gate.   I might try to do that today, although my client is returning home from a trip today.   Tomorrow would be better for me, him, and the gate guy, but now I need to head back up to the BOL and clean up storm debris.

The phrase “it’s always something” comes to mind.  And so does the realization that I need to get off my azz and power through some of my backlog to get close to caught up.

Add to the regular list, and I’ll be even busier than I pretend to be…

You can’t stack up time, but you can stack up some things that will save you time later.   Having what you need close to hand is a force multiplier.   I just got my chainsaw running, and now I get to use it for realz… I’ll should put on the wire screen face shield and the cut-stop chaps too.  It sure would be silly to hurt myself with the proper PPE sitting on the shelf in the garage…

Stack what you need to do the jobs that are most likely to pop up, before they pop up.


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