Day: June 16, 2023

Fri. June 16, 2023 – tired, but I’ve got stuff to do… so I do it. Welcome to adulting 101.

Hot, humid, and hot.   It was so miserable yesterday that when the sun went behind a cloud we cheered.   It got hot.   Over 100F in the shade, hot.   And it was very humid.    The only thing that saved us at the swimmeet was a stiff breeze.   When that occasionally died, we broiled.

I spent the day running the kids around town.  When I wasn’t doing that, I was watching youtube vids to learn about running the skid steer and the mini-excavator.    I’m looking forward to that.    Still don’t have a confirmed date and time for the dumpster delivery.   I’ve asked now three days in a row, but heard nothing back.  Stuff like that is why I have to rent gear and do the work myself.

Finished the day with our last swimmeet of the year.   It was drippy wet and hot.    I brought a chair, and a sun umbrella to shade me while working.   Both of the cables I built worked.   It makes a huge difference in operator comfort to be able to sit with the controller in your lap.   Our team lost the meet but it was a closer match than the last team (which we beat handily).   And this team was actually the one we swam on last year.   Lots of familiar faces.

Today I’ve got to do some quick auction pickups then head out to my client’s place to hang some cameras.   And install a new WAP.   And maybe do some network configuration.   All while trying not to injure myself in the heat.   I’ll manage somehow.

Did I mention that the new gate controller shows up on the network as a Raspberry Pi board?  Interesting that a major access controls manufacturer would use either commodity boards or a development board or possibly a home grown clone?   on a shipping product.  I’ve seen ads for ruggedized RazPi compatible ‘computer in a box’ systems, so I suppose it could be one of them, but my money is on cheap commodity hardware.

D1 has X1 over since last night, and they want to go to the mall today.   I’m working so I’m not doing it… but they may get there anyway.   Malls are not my favorite thing, but I am not winning this argument.   There may even be boys involved. Aye carumba!

Meatspace.   Joy.

Stack something today.


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