Day: June 14, 2023

Wed. June 14, 2023 – summer is here. With a vengeance.

Hot hot hot.  And humid.   Which my fingers want to spell with a ‘j’.  It was hot yesterday and will be hot for the next week.   Certainly hot today.   Sunny and moist.  Yeehaaa.

Well, I did make it out to my client’s place in the afternoon.   Didn’t get the new cams installed, it was hot, and I opted for indoor network and DirecTV stuff instead.   Had some success there.

Before I could head out though, I needed to get a dumpster arranged for all the concrete I’m pulling out of the area around my BOL house.   That was actually harder than I expected, and still not set in stone.   I’ll be calling them again later today.   Seems that most people out in the country don’t pay people to haul away concrete, they use it themselves, dump it somewhere, or give it away.  Even after filling a 10 yard roll off, I think I’ll have plenty left for anything I might need it for.

I’ve been watching youtube videos to learn about operating the skid steer and mini-excavator I’ve rented.   Thank gnu that now they have “iso” controls that are standardized.   You can still switch them to use other schemes if you have the experience with different systems, but mine is long enough ago that I don’t have any muscle memory and will be happy to learn a new, simpler, scheme.  I expect that by the end of the week of use, I might be finally getting the hang of it.   I really wish there was someone I could pay to do the work, but that isn’t happening.  And hey, I get to run mini versions of the big boy toys!

Youtube is a great resource.  It’s a shame their politics interfere.

Today I’ve got some pickups and some running around to do.  I’ve got to make some cable before Thursday’s swimmeet, pick up some stuff from my secondary location, go by my rent house and see why the neighbor is complaining about trees needing to be cut back, and other stuff as well.   Busy day, once it gets going.  All that and back to pick up D1 from her thing at 3pm.   Something might slip.

Seems like there is always something to do.   Some of it is driven by our participation in meatspace activities.   That can’t be helped as I think being ‘part of the world’ is important.   Some is just part of the lifestyle, and some is work.   Oh well, I guess that it’s all part of work/ life balance…

Probably won’t get anything stacked today.   But I hope to do something.  You should stack something though.


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