Day: June 13, 2023

Tues. June 13, 2023 – out of office today, working for a living…

Hot and humid.  Might get weird as there was a lot of wind and from all the points of the compass later in the day yesterday.   As long as I was in the shade, and the wind was howling, it wasn’t bad.   When either of those two things weren’t present, it was miserable.

Spent yesterday catching up on auctions, then booking heavy equipment for the BOL.   That was painful.   The 90s still rule at United Rentals online office apparently.    Despite knowing which store was closest to  my job, and despite having computerized rental records, and knowing the dates I needed the equipment, they STILL showed me stuff that wasn’t available, and errorred out when I tried to book it.    Called the number they insisted I should call.   Got halfway done with booking over the phone and got disconnected.  Called back and got a different agent who was not able to see either my online order, or anything from the first guy.

So we did the dance, I repeated myself for the third time, he called the store, and finally I got some gear I hope will work reserved.   It was all upsized from the machines I actually wanted, and cost more too.  I just hope it’s not too big for access or too heavy for the soil.  Then the system, which found my account  when I logged in, and when I called in, couldn’t process my order because my account was either inactive or on hold.  No telling which, and too late in the day to find out.   So the rep made me a new account faster than even just calling support would have been, and a credit card number later, I was booked to have a skid steer (bobcat) and mini-excavator delivered to the site.   I’m committed to a schedule now…

I’m also committed to learning to use the dang things.   It’s been a couple decades since I ran a skid steer or excavator.  I’m sure I’ll catch on.  Pretty sure.

Now to get some fuel cans, so I can keep the diesel fueled beasts running with no more than one trip a day to the gas station…

Stacking up skills, and experiences!


For today, I’ve got to find a debris service to drop off a roll off dumpster for the broken concrete and get that delivered.   Then I’ve got to head out to my client’s house, and do the things he needs.  I’ll do one pickup on the way.  That should fill my day, but if it doesn’t, I’ll do some other stuff around the house.

Tomorrow should be just as busy too.

It’s a great life if you don’t falter.

DON’T FALTER.   Stack it up.


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