Day: June 11, 2023

Sun. June 11, 2023 – had a big storm. Some damage resulted.

Cooler and a bit less damp to start, probably hot by the end of the day.   Weird weather yesterday.   As long as the wind was blowing it was tolerable.  Got pretty unpleasant when it got still.

Then the rain started, off and on.   Cooled it down a bit, but increased the humidity.    The big storm got here around 5pm.   Temps dropped to 67F and the thunder and lightning started.   It was right overhead.   Pretty to watch, but no so nice to be out in it.   A couple of dead limbs came down too.

Lost power for almost 3 hours.   Discovered that I don’t have as much stuff up here as I’d like.   Notably emergency lighting.   We live on the Gulf Coast, so no one even blinked, they just lit FLASHLIGHTS and candles.   I got the oil lamp going, and the Coleman propane lantern.   Cooked dinner and the power came back when we were ready to sit down and eat.

I did manage to fish a bit, but didn’t even get a bite.

We mostly worked on small projects.   Changing doors, door knobs, cleaning carpet, moving stuff around in the garage, replacing cover plates, that sort of thing.

Played a couple of games with the kids, Rummikub and Catan as it was still raining until midnight.

Today it’ll depend on the weather but I’ve got a few more ‘outdoor’ things I could do, or I can keep working on the storage and cleanup stuff if it’s raining.   I’ve got 6 buckets of bulk to put away too.

Potatoes continue to grow, berry bushes do not.

So I stack food.    If you can’t garden, stack more food…



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