Day: May 18, 2023

Thur. May 18, 2023 – where once again our hero fails to do stuff, while doing other stuff

Cooler, but still damp.   Rain later?  Dunno.  And neither does anyone else!  But we pretend because it gives us a feeling of control.   I do think we might get a smattering.   We’re in the zone for it nationally.   I never saw any moisture from the sky yesterday, but the clouds around here suggested that someone in Houston did.  I just had a nice day, shirtsleeves weather, with some clouds but mostly blue sky.   And I drove all the way across Houston to Baytown, so I really saw both sides of town too.  Didn’t get too far south or too far north, which is where the weather really changes.

I did one pickup on the east side.  Then I dropped some stuff at my secondary location, and stopped by my selling auctioneer.   He still can’t take more of my stuff.   I really might have to try another seller again to move some of it.

I ordered stuff for  my client’s place.  Besides the point to point wireless ethernet link, he pulled the trigger on a new network video recorder for the cams.  It won’t be in until some time next week but I’ll head to the house on Friday to do the P to P link and get ready for the NVR.   I was going today, but have kid stuff in the early afternoon that would cut short my work time.

I’ve still got a list of stuff to do around the house this week, as the week rapidly disappears into the past.    I feel like Paula Abdul this week.*

So today I have some pickups south of town that I have to get a jump on early.   Not too early, as they don’t even open until 10am, but earlier than my normal ‘leave the house at 1 or 2 pm.’   Until then it’s auction stuff, cleanup and put away, and maybe a maintenance item if I’m really motivated.  Need to do the ‘small’ grocery trip too.

Yep, I’m a slacker.   Been slack.  Am slack, will be slack.

That doesn’t mean YOU can’t stack some stuff…


*ah, the 80s

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