Day: May 11, 2023

Thur. May 11, 2023 – more weather for Houston?

Cool and wet.   Supposed to keep raining off and on.    Which it did yesterday.   Parts of town got absolutely hammered.   I caught it in a couple different places as I drove around.

Bayous are high, some road flooding occurred, and various places lost power, including the kids’ school.

I was driving all over town, from the NW side of town to near IAH, then down to HOU then back out west… and I got caught in a downpour that could have stripped paint.  Fortunately I was in the wife’s minivan so all the stuff stayed dry.   She worked from home and I borrowed her car.  It’s great to be bourgeois.   To  bad it won’t last.

D1 is feeling better, so will return to school today.  No wuflu.  I’m a bit headache-y so I’ll be taking it easy for a couple of days.  No desire to get sick.  Between Mother’s Day and school stuff we’ll be home this weekend so I better start planning for  that.  It’s actually easier to load the truck and head to the BOL, and the task list is more straightforward.

I will spend today continuing to sort, clean, and make ready for sale a bunch of stuff… and if I get to it, continue household chores as well.   The rain helps by narrowing the choices I have.

Prices continue to rise.   Social conditions continue to deteriorate.   Tens of thousands of invaders are poised on the border, ready to descend on our cities and towns like locusts.   Supply chain issues continue, and the banks are getting sketchier by the day.

Stack what you can.   All the classics, and then some.   I don’t think you’ll regret it.



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