Day: May 1, 2023

Mon. May 1, 2023 – no color hare, no color hair, no color hare….

Should be nice in Houston today.   Clear, moderately warm…   it was actually hot at the BOL yesterday.  Started mild and cool, ended up 85F in the shade.   In the sun, my pale kids got sunburned, and even I got some additional color on my arms and neck.  It was sweaty in the sun.   If not for the breeze, it would have been unpleasant.   As it was, it was gorgeous.

Wrapped up birthday week for the kid.   Returned all the extra children.   A good time was had by all, but there were definitely fraying edges after the second night of staying up late.   I didn’t do any real work at all, except the lawn care.   It was nice.

Today I’ve got estate stuff to process, and a couple of pickups to do.   I’ve got to get some of the pure aloe gel from the health food store for the kids.   It’s been on my list for a couple of weeks, and I kept putting it off.   Today they’ll use the last of what I have in stock.   I have a backup of course, but it’s a watery product that isn’t as comfortable or effective as the gel.   The main difficulty is storage.   The pure stuff needs to be refrigerated, and I don’t have the room for extras.  Plus, we are VERY slow to use up a bottle, literal years.  Nothing I’ve ever used since I first found the pure aloe when I was rock climbing regularly in Arizona has worked as well to heal a sunburn.

So I’ve got stuff to do today, and I’ll be doing a client site visit tomorrow, and all the normal stuff, as I drop back into my normal life.   I guess that short vacation will have to do for a while…

All those buckets of food aren’t gonna stack themselves, get to it.


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