Day: May 5, 2023

Fri. May 5, 2023 – Stinko de Feo

Cool.  Damp.   Maybe raining.  Then humid and hot later.   It was overcast all day Thursday, but the rain held off.  Until later, and at my client’s house.

I did my auction stuff in the morning, and waited to see if my piece of gear would arrive.   Finally gave up and headed to my client’s house.   I grabbed my shovel, pick, and underground wire locator and was on my way.    It was hot, still, and humid.   At least the sun wasn’t beating down.

I spent a couple of fruitless hours.   Well, I did determine that the buried coax was unusable.   I found about a 50 foot long air gap…    When a second garage was added, the conduit and cable run was cut.  I traced it from both directions and it ended at the foundation for the garage.   The phone line was in the same conduit, which rules out that as any kind of option too.

So we’re back to using a wireless link.   Should be fine, but I’ll get with the gate contractor today and see what was really driving the request for a hard line to the network.

My timing was pretty good.   Just after I filled my last exploratory hole, and put my tools away, and went inside to look at other network stuff, the skies opened up and the rain came down.   40 minutes later the sun came back out and the temperature was 10-15F lower.   Really cleared the air.

Cleaned up a few notes, had a nice chat with my client and his wife, and headed home.   Found out it didn’t rain here… that’s Houston.   And the wind was blowing hard and steady off the gulf, pushing the weather I saw earlier even farther away.  It made for a nice cool evening.

Today will be working around the house.   Wife and D2 will be doing a Girl Scout thing this weekend, so I’m debating taking D1 to the BOL.  I’ve got lots to do here, but I’ve got lots to do there too.   I’ve got a couple of auction pickups to do in town, nothing far away or on the way to the BOL.   I think I’ll play it by ear.  I have avoided cleaning up my canned goods….

Out in the world the dominoes continue to fall.  More banks are at risk or are collapsing.   Russians are advocating a decapitation strike against Ukraine… Crime and violence are escalating here at home, and the illegal invader crisis is about to explode.

Stay frosty my friends.   And stack it high.


(and a month or two of expenses in cash at home might not be a bad idea, just in case some Monday we wake up to a bank holiday.)


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