Day: May 15, 2023

Mon. May 15, 2023 – half way thru another month, still ok…

Warm and wet.   Damp and overcast for a while, then maybe some sun?  Just guessing, but that’s all the weather liars do.   They think they know, but not really, and especially not for Houston.  After all, the day finally cleared and  the sun came out in the late afternoon yesterday.

Did some cleanup and housework.   Made a nice dinner for Mother’s Day.   Watched movies as a family.   A good day.

Today I’ve got to kick @ss on some cleaning and organizing, if the rain stays away.   If not, it’s more piddlefarting around with maybe some pickups thrown in.   This week is looking like it’ll be pretty busy, with prepping for D1’s birthday, swim team, and all the normal things.  Plus I might have to make a quick trip to the BOL to meet with the septic guy.  All the rain has an alarm on the system activating, and I might need to get with him to resolve whatever is going on.  This weekend was the second time it’s tripped.  Time to figure out what the issue is.

School year is winding down for the kids.  Lots of testing, then a beach trip, then make work to run out the clock on the year…  I can’t believe it’s already summer.

I am glad for the time, as lately I am finding issues, gaps, and failures in my preps.   I was doing pretty well, but time and loss of focus took their toll.   Now I’m playing catchup again.  This is not where I want to be, so I better get busy changing it.

If you aren’t where you want to be, YOU better get busy too.  No one knows the what or when but we can be certain that there will be something.  It’ll be better to meet it with a stack of preps.   So get stacking.



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