Day: May 16, 2023

Tues. May 16, 2023 – stuff and nonsense

Humid and warm, chance of more rain.   Sun came out yesterday and it got HOT…  like summertime hot…  so I think Spring has sprung, and Summer is here.   Just a bit earlier than usual, perhaps.

Didn’t do much yesterday, despite the sunshine.   Spent the morning doing auction stuff, spent the afternoon on the same, and waiting for D2.   She had an eye appointment, but missed it.   Forgot to come home, if you can believe it.  Rescheduled.

Dinner out had more impact on the wallet than I expected.   The prices were higher.   Still get a lot of food, but prices definitely increased.   Which is what we expect due to real inflation being somewhere around 30%.   I just thought they would hold the line a bit longer.

Today has ‘drive around and pickup things’ written all over it.  Then I’ll stack things.

Stack some of your own.


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