Day: May 9, 2023

Tues. May 9, 2023 – forgot something yesterday..

Cool.  Wet.  Rained lightly most of yesterday and today might be the same.  I didn’t get any outdoor stuff done, and I’ve got pickups to do today.

I did get some more sorting and cleanup done.  But I forgot that D2 had an orthodontia appointment in the morning.   That always messes up my day.

I ended up not doing a whole lot of stuff that needed to be done, and I’ll pay for that today.

I did write a fairly long comment about saving money at the grocery store, and cooking.   It’s later in the day yesterday.   None of it should be new to regular readers, but it’s in one place…

I’ve got a few pickups today.  Some needful things.  Some things for the BOL.   Some things for home.  D1 has a birthday coming up and I need some gifts for her.  I’m way behind on my normal routine for that.  So I need to get out and about.

Should be able to talk to a few people and get a feel for how they feel.   I’m guessing “brittle” and “on edge” but we’ll see.

Get out there and see what your area is like.   And stack the things you need.


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