Day: May 10, 2023

Wed. May 10, 2023 – who wears short shorts, we wear short shorts…

Cool and wet again.   Maybe clearing a bit.    It did clear in the distance just before sunset.  But we got plenty of storm throughout the day.   Not as much as some areas, but still got a solid couple of inches.

I was able to make a couple of pickups after the rain stopped.   Several of my auctioneers pack up at 3pm though, so I’ll be hitting them today.  I’ve got a couple in the same area to hit too.  I should be making a big loop to get them all.    I did spend the morning and early afternoon sorting and cleaning.    I’ve got a couple of bins for my swapmeet on Saturday and still some more stuff to go through.  Don’t know if it will sell, but it’s worth a try.

I do need to get some stuff listed on ebay too, and a couple of things on craigslist.   I had to dig deep into my ‘fun money’ to pay for the needful things I picked up.  At least there were no transfer fees.  A couple of sales should replenish that.

Today I’ll be mainly doing pickups.   Then back in time to get the kids from school and on to swim practice.  The school year is winding down, and summer activities are starting up.  Busy busy me.

Still trying to keep everything as normal as possible for the kids, but things are definitely changing.   There continue to be shortages and substituted brands at the store.  They no longer have the frosting mix D1 likes.   Heck, they had almost no flour on the shelves last night, and other baking stuff was thin.  Cake and brownie and muffin mixes were not on sale and are about 50% more expensive than they were  (usually one of those categories is on sale, and they rotate).   I don’t even buy chips anymore as they have doubled in price.   Lunch snacks for school are not cheap.   I actually put some stuff back after picking it up, and price compared soda to get the best deal, and not the size of can and package that I wanted.  Name brand soda is between 30c and 50c a can.   Premium is $1 a can, as much as beer.  I might have to figure out how to make my own beef jerky too.  This was the first store visit that the brand and flavor without sugar was not on sale.   Usually there is a store coupon for 25% off, which makes it easier to justify.  Not this time though.  Pound for pound, beef jerky is one expensive food.

Some veg, fruit, milk, and lunch snacks came to $150…   I didn’t even buy meat or packaged meals.  FJB and his inflationary policies.

Wave of invaders should start now too.   Spicy time approaches.  Get yourself sorted out.

And stack the stuff you can still get.    You can always turn guns into money, you can’t always turn money into guns…


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