Day: May 6, 2023

Sat. May 6, 2023 – nothing happened on this day in history…

Warmish and damp.   Not pleasant at all.   That’s my prediction based on last night’s conditions.   It was pretty damp during the day yesterday too.   It was especially unpleasant when the sun came out in the afternoon.   Gah.  Just like summer.

I did several pickups.   Didn’t go to the massive ‘man stuff’ estate sale.   I’m going today though if I can make the timing work… did hit the cr@ppiest of our local Goodwill Outlet stores.   Picked up a NIB Colman camp stove oven, some stainless steel “steam table” trays (101 uses), and some other stuff for home and away.  Got a nice North Face midweight technical jacket.  Seems like we never have enough jackets at the BOL.  It does get damp and cold on the dock at night.  Picked a vintage turntable to part out to pay for the other stuff.  Chatted with a young kid who approached me about finding stuff to resell there.   Kid asked about the ‘vinyl playing thing’ I had in the cart, did I find it there.   Yes, I did.   I had the vintage turntable and one of the new “Victrola” brand record players.   They are like the old portable players, and have bluetooth and an aux in so you can use them with other media too.  They are cheap and cheesy but they get the kids listening to vinyl… D1 uses a slightly better model for her listening.  Now D2 wants one too.  They are a convenient way to listen to vinyl if you’ve gotten rid of your turntable and big system.

Wife and D2 have a GS thing today and tomorrow which leaves me with D1 AND a school friend who “needed to be out of her house for a day because it wasn’t safe there”.   Hmm.   I’m gonna need more details so I can decide if the ‘unsafe’ could follow her and rub off on me.  In the mean time, we fed her dinner and they crashed out last night.   They  want to meet some school friends at the mall and look at dresses for the end of year party later today.   I want to go to an estate sale.   I guess we might both get our wishes, if the timing works.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s not just houses that need maintenance and attention, and surprise expenditures and commitments.  (Kid lives in the most crime ridden big apartment complex near us, so I’m not terribly surprised if life with her single mom sometimes gets out of control and she needs a break from it, but I want to know it’s a legit issue and she’s not playing us, and that none of it will splash on me.)

Meatspace can have some downsides too.

But hey, we’ve got stacks and can feed an occasional stray, and provide a night of quiet and calm.

Because I’ve been stacking it up, and because our lives are in good order.   Not bad goals, btw.



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