Day: June 29, 2022

Wed. Jun. 29, 2022 – sweet home, or sweat home?

Hot and humid.   Natch.  Being Houston TX and all…   still, unseasonably reasonable would be nice once in a while.   Probably get to over 100F here in the swamp.

I’ll be doing things to get ready for not being here for a few days.   In a few days.   And I’ll be doing the pickups I delayed due to the koof.

And yes, I will be looking at some upgrades to surveillance here…  and a gate latch for the driveway.

This local crime spree (see yesterday’s comments, late) was one kid.   I’m sure we’ll see more going forward though.   Time to review your physical security and cams to prosecute.  Or to know better what happened so you can work on it not happening again.

The easiest thing, and free to boot, is LOCK YOUR LOCKS.   If it has a lock on it, use it.   If it has a place for a lock, put a lock on it.   Your zip code won’t protect you.   It will determine likelihood, but not possibility.

Even if you can’t do the physical hardening now, buy the stuff to do it.    There are several discussions here about hardening your home, the search tool should find them, with specific products listed.  Your  local PD might even offer free review of you security situation, or your insurance might offer the same service.  If you don’t have a good idea what to look for, take advantage of the help.

I’ll note that this kid, and every other one I’ve looked at committing crimes on video, was not at all concerned about lighting.   The motion activated light just helped him search for something to steal.   The lights do make for better recordings, and help YOU to see the perp…  but don’t expect them to keep away bad guys or make them flee.

People are going to get desperate.  They are going to be emboldened.   Harden your home, and harden your heart.


and stack some stuff

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