Day: June 26, 2022

Sun. Jun. 26, 2022 – isolated, sorta

Here a few hours north of Houston, it will be hot, and maybe even humid, but LESS of both and that is oh so nice.

I’m here at the BOL by myself so the kids and my wife don’t get the ‘rona.   Which I’m still not sure I actually have.  I’m sick, and the chinese booger test was positive, but I only have cold symptoms and mild ones at that.   It would be unfair to people who really got sick with the chinkyflu to claim I’ve got it.  Floating on the water last night, I felt completely and perfectly fine.

I’m still a bit sick, head isn’t back to full engagement, and I’m still coughing occasionally.  So I’ll take it super easy for the next couple of days.  I’ve got plenty of simple tasks that shouldn’t be too tasking.  Hah!

I did bring up more long term storage food, and some other stuff to improve the readiness here.

I’ll take a good look and weed the garden later today too.   I can see what looks like bean plants.  Don’t see anything in the squash mounds, and don’t see any carrot greens either, so those might be a bust.   I’ll know better when I cut the grass, and remove the hardware cloth screens.

One of the other things I need to do is figure out where some fruit trees can go, and where the berries should be planted.  I’m thinking the fruit will have to be in the front, near the road.   Less than ideal, but it needs light and space.   The good spots in the back (lake side) are too shaded.   The septic drip field will use most of the available space that gets sun.  No planting trees there.

I spent some time yesterday working on the existing sprinklers.  I don’t want to spend too much effort as they will need to be ripped out and redone after the septic field goes in, but it would be nice to have grass until then.   I got the pump running, found a bunch of broken sprinkler heads, and started fixing stuff.  I think the whole half of the yard with no sprinklers must be the existing leach field.  Either that, or I haven’t found the buried heads yet.  Grass isn’t growing there anyway, but the weeds are getting ‘crunchy’.

Dang fire ants about ate me alive while I was working on the sprinklers.   They are a real issue as most if not all the good poisons are deadly to aquatic life and not allowed near the lake.  I’m going to be spot applying the granules instead of broadcasting them, but I’ll kill the dang things.   Can’t even use the yard with them there.  If anyone knows a  good way to kill them without poisoning the lake, please let me know.   A cursory search of the shelves at Lowe’s didn’t turn up a product.

See, plenty to do.  So I better do something.  Besides stacking.  But stack some stuff too.


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