Day: June 3, 2022

Fri. Jun. 3, 2022 – Friday so soon? Well, yeah, so get busy….

Hot and humid, chance of rain… but probably not.  Just like yesterday.   SOMEONE got rain, but not me.  In fact it was hot and sunny most of the day.

Did some errands yesterday.   Went to the grocery store.    Baby formula and mexican sparkling water were both limited quantity and empty shelves.  Canned veg is still just the basics, but there are a couple more choices than last time.  You can get french cut green beans and mixed vegetables now…

The best part was that USDA Prime sirloin beef was on sale.  <$6 /pound and <$7 depending on whether they took off the cap before packaging.   I bought all I could afford and fit in the freezers.   Saved $100 according to the receipt, and there weren’t any other sale items.  In fact there was a real dearth of sale items in the store.  Small avocados were $1.09 each, and “big” were even more.  The “big” are the size “small” used to be, and “small” are tiny.  Limes that used to be 6 for $1 are 50c each and have been for some time.   If it wasn’t provably hard to keep the dang trees alive, I’d be looking for another lime tree.  And I wish I’d planted avocado 10 years ago, although it probably would have frozen too.

Buy it when you see it and stack it high.

Today I’ve got a pickup for my non-prepping hobby, one for some plumbing supplies, and one or two I’ll put off ’til next week with personal stuff or stuff for the house.   Then I’ll load the jon boat back on the truck, fill the bed with more stuff for the BOL, including more freezedried buckets, and two flats of canned veg.   I also bought some yeast packets to put with the flour in the buckets at the BOL.  I’d forgotten about that.  Then at some point we’ll head back up to the lake.

There’s plenty to do here, and more there, so something will get done.

It just might not be what I PLANNED to do.

Stack it while you can.


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