Day: June 24, 2022

Fri. Jun. 24, 2022 – still sick with the ‘rona, if that’s what it is…

Hot and humid.  83F when I went to bed, and only hotter after getting up and facing this day.   (unless something very strange happened after I went to bed.)  And it will probably be well over 100F today.

Spent yesterday asleep and online.  Did some auction stuff but mostly just hung out and went back to bed.

Plan to do mostly the same today.

Cough is worse.  Sounds worse anyway.   More stuff coming up too.   I still feel like it’s just a bad cold, with a bit of goofiness around the edges.  I am not flying to Chicago next Wednesday.  Pretty sure about that now.  And I’m not going to be out and about, because even if it is just a cold, no one wants me coughing around them.

OF COURSE, when I’ve got both kids out of the house, and big plans to get a bunch of work done…   I don’t.  And I’m not going to the store.  Or doing a whole bunch of stuff that will then push into next week, or the week after.  Gah.   Getting sick sucks.   Although it’s hard to b!tch if this is wuflu, as it’s been pretty mild.

Just ‘cuz I’m sidelined though, doesn’t mean YOU can’t keep stacking… so get to it!


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