Day: June 2, 2022

Thur. Jun. 2, 2022 – more to do, more to do

Hot and humid.  Maybe some rain?  Who knows.  There were scattered rain cells all over town yesterday as I drove around.   Mostly stuff I could see in the distance.     I only got a few sprinkles though.

Did my pickups.  Got the boat.  It’s in good shape.   It’s an Alumacraft jon boat, 12ft, and painted flat green.   Fits in my pickup truck upside down, and over the cab… but it does catch the wind at 65mph.

Home stuff today.  Lots of catching up.   Honda EU300oi gennie needs a new fuel tank.   The rust went all the way through and now it leaks.   $20  of Evaporust leaked out on the ground…  Bugger me.  There were tanks on ebay, but there weren’t good choices when I looked last week.   Maybe I’ll just put the propane kit on it for now.  That is simpler and about the same price as a new tank.  Dunno, but need to do something before hurricane season cranks up.

Lots of other deferred stuff piled up here too.  Gah.  It’s always something.

I better get to it.

I’ve got stacking to do.


and so do you!



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