Day: June 25, 2022

Sat. Jun. 25, 2022 – as I flee before the onslaught, err, the return, err, the kinder..

Hot and humid again.   Bet it’s cooler by the lake.

It was 96F at 8pm yesterday, and that was when it finally started to cool off.

I spent the day online, and asleep.

Coughing continues to get a little worse, and I felt kinda light headed most of the day.  Took another test, same maker, and was positive within seconds…

so I’m off to the lake for a couple of days.   D1 and D2 arrive home from camp today, and D2 will be headed back out tomorrow, but only if she doesn’t have a wuflu exposure.   So I’m outta here for a couple of days.  Wife tested again and is still negative.

I don’t think I’ll get much if anything done at the lake.  I’m not really feeling up to power tool usage.  Don’t even want to drive really, but I also don’t want to spoil D2’s plans.   So I’ll sleep, read, and putter for a day or two.   Then home in time to pack up for returning for the Fourth.  It’d be cheaper and less hassle to get a hotel room but then I’d be exposing those folks.  Assuming I’m not just sick with a cold.

In any case I’ll get another truck load of stuff up there.

So that’s me, load the truck and be gone before the kids get home.

I’ll be stacking some more up there, so let that be an example for you too.  Stack, stack, stack it up…


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