Day: June 17, 2022

Fri. Jun. 17, 2022 – life. the universe. everything

Moderately hot weather, with clear skies, somewhere north of Houston, and north of Texas.

Seeing family (wife’s father’s side) and hanging out.


At least some of the kids are alright.

Plan for the day is maybe a movie, maybe just pool and people time.

Had some excellent BBQ yesterday, no sauce needed.

Hotel is very nice.  Courtyard is really upping their design game.  Two big tvs in the room, both with fast internet streaming services included.   Watching our favorite youtube channels is nice.  Lots of signs and video about how clean they are keeping everything to keep us safe.   Restaurant next door had “social distancing” signs on the tables and had them set up for half capacity.   Not many masks on anyone other than service people, and a few airline passengers.  Definitely seeing that stratification by class/job duties.  Don’t care for it in the USA.

The airport and flight didn’t suck.  Waiting for the rental car shuttle did.  Small problems.


Use the time wisely.  Stack it up.

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