Day: June 1, 2022

Wed. Jun. 1 – almost half way through the year

National forecast has Houston in the “rain and t-storms possible” area, and maybe we’ll get some.  We are on the edge though, and that usually means “no”.   Beautiful day north of here yesterday, although it did get into the 90s.  Scattered dark clouds and a spritz of moisture from the sky greeted my in Houston when I got near my neighborhood.   Typical Houston “somebody is getting rained on” weather.

There was a lot accomplished at Casa de Nick, segundo.  Just getting window coverings on all the windows makes it feel more homey.   Staying the extra day was worth it.  Still lots to do of course, and all the major work still ahead.

Today is the first day of the kids’ at home summer vacation.  D1 is going to start doing some additional dog training.   D2 is … gonna do something.   Not sure what yet.   Lots of GS activity planned later, but some time to ease into doing nothing….

I’ve got a jon boat to pick up, and one other lot that I’m sending to my mom.  It’s a pole  thing that should help her get into and out of the bath more safely.  I won it cheaply enough that it is still cheap after I pay to ship it to her.  One of my siblings or their spouses can install it during a visit.   And of course I have all the normal stuff to do.  Even more of it, since I was gone 4 days.

Time to get back to work stacking up stuff.


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