Day: June 22, 2022

Wed. Jun. 22, 2022 – chinese bioweapon update, and stuff

Hot, because Houston.  Humid, because Houston.

Over 100F yesterday and some parts of town did get rain.   The freeway was wet in the downtown area as I did my pickups.  The sun was like a laser burning my scalp too.  Blue sky and fluffy clouds LOOK nice, but whooo boy it was hot.

Posting the Tuesday night so I can get to bed and sleep in.

Went to bed Monday with a vague headache, but then had really bad chills.  No fever, just felt cold.  Double blanket solved that.  Woke up feeling like I had a mild hangover, some body aches, like I needed to stretch after sitting too long, and the barest suggestion of  a headache.  No fever.

Started my day, but my wife suggested I do the covid test just to be sure, and WHADDA YA KNOW.    Chinese “certificate” in the box didn’t exactly inspire confidence.  It did inspire anger that they are STILL profiting from this mess.

Kids had a test Sunday before camp and were negative.   Wife did her test when she got home from work yesterday and was negative.  I hope that continues to be the case.

Me?  I’m off to bed again.  I’ll check in during the day.  Sleep is usually my best medicine.

And I’ve got stuff stacked if I don’t feel better today.

Stack some stuff,


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