Day: April 22, 2022

Fri. Apr. 22, 2022 – whelp, I got nothin’

Clear and moderately warm in Houston today.  I hope anyway.  I have a bunch of running around to do and most of it involves the pickup truck.   Which I couldn’t use yesterday due to a dead battery.

I’ll be dealing with that this a.m.   Don’t know yet if it’s just run down or if it’s dead.   I did notice it when I put fluids in all the vehicles, and thought “naw, it’s fine, I replaced it recently”… but now I’m not sure.   Haven’t had a look yet.

With a start like that, or rather a lack of a start, I only got some stuff done.   I put off going to Home Depot.  It occurred to me that I could use Amex points for HD gift cards and buy my garden stuff with those.   That is what I’ve BEEN doing, but didn’t actually think about it this year.   So I ordered some cards, which are normally in my email inbox in minutes, but for some reason now say that they can take up to three days.   They weren’t there yet when I went to bed.   Seems odd that it takes any real time at all, let alone days.

Lot of weird stuff going on in the world at the moment.  Par for the course at this point.

Speaking of stuff, according to my wife, NPR quoted NYTimes about the coming food shortages due to Ukraine not planting as much, and not exporting.  Of course it’s all Russia’s fault, but they sure were late getting to the party.   The flip side is that even lefties are now clued in, so expect the self fulfilling prophesy.   Get yours while you can.

Violence continues to increase.   Boston seems to be the latest city to lose control of their feral youths, but NYFC continues to lead the way.  The west coast is well represented with violent crimes and attacks on innocents too.

Services are continuing to break down all over the place.

It sucks, but it’s coming.   Get yourself ready, and stack up what you need.


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