Day: April 20, 2022

Wed. Apr. 20, 2022 – something about dope? That would be dopey.

Cool and hopefully clear again.   Yesterday was nice.  A bit overcast in the afternoon and evening, but cool and sunny for most of the day.

So I spent it driving around.   And I’ll do that today too.   I have enough stuff for the BOL, and I have two more things to pick up about an hour into the drive, that I might just drive up to the BOL today.  Might even stay overnight.   Besides dropping off another load of stuff, there are  a couple of dimensions I’d like to check against the “Sanitarian”‘s plan for my septic.   Weird name, but apparently a Texas licensed position…

He’s drawn part of the drip field in a place where it can’t go.   I think it’s just because the field isn’t drawn strictly to scale, but it doesn’t match all the measurements I made while we were up there and I’d like to be sure.   I also didn’t ‘close the box’ when I did my survey measurements, so I’m missing a couple measurements that would confirm and validate all the others.  I don’t really want to spend 6 hours going up and back without getting anything done up there.   Plans.  Who needs ’em?

Plans get changed.   Planning is useful.

And I need more food safe buckets, because I plan to get through what’s coming.

Stack it up folks.   Ways and means.  Figure out how you’ll keep making a living.  Stack the things you’ll need for that.


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