Day: April 1, 2022

Fri. Apr. 1, 2022 – don’t be fooled….

Cool and clear, nice day to drive around.    Yesterday was very nice.  Clear and sunny but stayed cool.  More of the same today would be nice.

Plan for today is a couple more pickups, then load the truck for a trip up to the BOL.   Somewhere in there I  will need to shop for groceries.   I’ve been putting it off, but can’t continue.

The infowar out of Ukraine seems to have backed off a notch, but I’m sure things are still going badly for both sides.  The speculation about the end of the USD as a reserve currency seems to be picking up.  And our “leaders” are trying to outdo each other in the short bus olympics.

Stack while you can.


(super tired, headed to bed early)

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